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“Dreams do come true”, as Walt Disney once said. Becoming a 3rd generation farmer, Darren Bailey along with his wife Cindy of 27 years, are living their dream. Blessed to be parents of 3 sons and a daughter, the priority at the “Bailey Homestead” has always been Faith, Family, & Farming. Farming continues providing a bountiful life.

Darren, a man devoted in rising early each morning, daily dedicates his plans, his ways, and his will to the Lord ( Psalms ).  A man of integrity, strong work ethic, and a generous heart, Darren has been honored to serve not only his family, but also his community of Louisville where he has lived 47 years: Elected as North Clay School Board Member and President 17 years, Rotarian, FFA Alumni, Louisville Citizen of the Year 2010 recipient in partnership with Village of Louisville; Hometown Governors Award 2012 based on service and mentorship. Moreover, Darren and Cindy faithfully attend and are actively involved at Red Brush Christian Church and strong supporters of Oil Belt Christian Service Camp. In addition they serve and support a host of other good will and service projects, locally and abroad.

Being able to continue their heritage in farming is a dream that is becoming a reality together with sons Zach, Cole, Mason, and their families. Since the older two young men have completed college, married, and began families of their own, loyal hearts have brought them home to begin what they love…farming. As 4th generation agricultural businessmen, they realize the challenges ahead in the 21st century and the responsibility of providing food and jobs not only for their own families, but world-wide. The Bailey Family is eager to grow the farm knowing that with the seeds of perseverance, dedication, and passion a bountiful crop will yield!

Land owners, we are a growing farm and we are always looking to expand.  If you are a land owner looking for a responsible, proactive, precise land manager then please give us a call or send us an email.  We are able to offer competitive cash rent prices as well as other options that you may not know about.  We offer frequent updates on your fields and invite you to come by our farm any time.

For more information email darren@baileyfamilyfarm.com or call 618.245.6533

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