At Bailey Family Farm we strive to be progressive with our technology as well as practices. Having acres throughout Clay, Richland, Marion, Wayne, Fayette and Effingham county we  hold a high demand for performance, precision, and efficiency with the equipment we use. Due to John Deere’s advance GPS technology and programming as well as outstanding performance and service our operation has for the most part developed into a “Green Farm”.

Ground Sprayer Application - For ground application of pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and fungicides we use John Deere’s 4930 and R4045 both with 120 feet of coverage.  With these machines we are able to spray up to 3000 acres a day. Having such a wide spread of acres, we take great care in managing the logistics and timing of application.

Harvesters - For harvesting our crops, Bailey Family Farm runs three John Deere S690s.  Equipped with the industries leading technology we are able to harvest our crops faster and more effectively while digitally recording every acre for year to year reports. With Deere’s optimal performance and service, we are able to operate efficiently without worry of delays from break downs.

Tractors - We have a mix of tractors at Bailey Family Farm. We use an array of front wheel assist New Holland and John Deere Tractors as well as two John Deere 9570RTs equipped with tracks.  For tillage, the guidance as well as performance that John Deere’s APEX system offers, we are able to most effectively cover the most acres in the least amount of time while maintaining precision performance.

Planting - We believe Deere has successfully taken the market when it comes to precision planting. We operate four 1790 Center Fill Split Row Planters. Utilizing John Deere’s Green Star and Star Fire programs we are able to remain accurate up to the inch when planting.  Also, with John Deere’s row guidance we are able to save money and increase yields by planting variable populations and utilizing automatic row shut offs that prevents the waste of over planting.


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